n augeō +‎ -mentum. 1. increase, growth, advancement, augmentation


Augmentum provides our clients with virtual teams of experienced, internationally qualified audit and accounting staff.   Our success management team ensures seamless integration of our professional resources into your team. From rigorous recruitment to efficient onboarding and ongoing management,  We provide clients with a single, transparent cost to company that includes  everything from salaries, benefits, deductions, and incentives to full management support, IT & equipment, and office expenses.



Augmentum team members are internationally qualified and well versed in all the regulations and compliance requirements that govern our global partners’ operations.

We understand that trust forms the bedrock of your business and the foundation of the relationships with your clients. Our rigorous systems and processes ensure that our staff is not only highly qualified and the best in their field but also fully compliant with all international standards, delivering unparalleled expertise and reliability to your team.

Augmentum Auditor
Virtual audit team - durban


Augmentum is a purpose-driven organization committed to the triple bottom line of PEOPLE, PLANET, and PROFIT. We strive create positive impacts for our clients, the environment, and the broader community while delivering exceptional virtual professional services


To unlock growth for our partners businesses, team members and South Africa’s economy.


To provide virtual teams of motivated, experience, internationally qualified auditing & accounting staff to businesses across the globe.


To be South Africa’s preferred (leading) provider of virtual professional services staff.

African Roots. Global Focus.

Augmentum is headquartered in Durban, South Africa.  South Africa is uniquely positioned to provide virtual audit and account resources to UK and US companies.

Accounting qualifications and standards that are in line with global best practice

Competitive wages and meaningful career opportunities.

Top class infrastructure, rivalling first-world cities

Strong governance and professional standards

Strong communication skills, with exceptional English — spoken and written.

Highly skilled, tech-savvy, educated, and motivated workforce.

Cost effective

Culturally aligned to UK and USA

Auditors and accountants in south africa


Top Auditors

We believe that our diversity is one of our greatest strengths and empowers our team to excel and deliver exceptional solutions for our partners worldwide. Augmentum wholeheartedly embrace diversity and inclusion, recognizing that a diverse team, blending talents from various backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, fosters creativity, innovation, and a broader perspective. We are proud of South Africa’s heritage as a ‘Rainbow Nation’ and are committed to continuing Nelson Mandela’s legacy. We strive to cultivate an inclusive environment that respects and celebrates differences in gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, and other unique qualities. 

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