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Augment your business with virtual audit & accounting team members


How challenging is it to find and hire the right talent for your firm?

Extremely Challenging    Somewhat Challenging
Not Challenging At All  

How challenging is it to retain the talent you currently have?

Extremely Challenging

Somewhat Challenging

Not Challenging At All


We understand the challenges faced by accounting and auditing firms when it comes to finding and retaining the right talent. Augmentum Audit Solutions is here to alleviate those pressures by providing a flexible and reliable workforce to augment your existing team. With our expertise and tailored staffing solutions, we provide virtual team members who seamlessly integrate with your organization, empowering you to deliver exceptional service to your clients.

Recruiting Auditors
  • Needs Analysis
  • Role scoping
  • Contracting
  • Recruitment
  • Candidate verification
  • Compliance
Onboarding Auditors
  • Legal & regulatory compliance
  • Client induction
  • IT Training
  • Systems Training
  • Client & project training
  • Project Induction
Managing Auditors
  • Operating rhythm
  • Mentoring
  • Continuous learning & development
  • Performance appraisals
  • Career planning
  • Reward & recognition


Augmentum Audit Solutions, we are dedicated to helping accounting and auditing firms reach new heights of success. As your business grows, so do your staffing needs. Augmentum Audit Solutions offers flexible solutions that adapt to your changing requirements. Scale your operations up or down effortlessly, maintaining productivity and efficiency without compromising quality.

Unparalleled Expertise

+ Team of internationally qualified accountants & auditors
+ Extensive knowledge and experience
+ Handle complex financial tasks
+ Accuracy and compliance with industry standards.

Guaranteed Savings

+ Guaranteed 30% saving compared to on-shore, in-house staff*
+ Savings of 50%+ possible for some roles
+ Remove costs & complexities associated with reducing headcount.
*Based on full cost to company

Scalable & Flexible

+ As your business grows, so do your staffing needs.
+ Flexible solutions that adapt to your changing requirements.
+ Scale your operations up or down effortlessly
+ Maintain productivity & efficiency without compromising quality.

Transparent Costs

+ Single, transparent cost to company.
+ Comprehensive package includes salaries, benefits, deductions, and incentives to full management support, IT & equipment, and office expenses.

Seamless Integration

+ Virtual accountants become an integral part of your team
+ Working collaboratively to achieve your business objectives.
+ Effective communication channels and advanced technology,
+ Seamless working experience.

Managed Solutions

+ Dedicated success managers
+ Expert team supports entire journey from recruitment to onboarding and ongoing management
+ Smooth assimilation of our qualified accountants into your team